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Low Overhead – Chubby Bao Food Truck makes making money never been easier. Food truck business is much easier than the usual restaurant business. Restaurants are fixed in one location when the location you’ve chosen doesn’t work, it is a failed business to begin with. Restaurants also have very high overheads which you’ll need to renovate the place, buy fixtures, pay rent, hire staff etc.. and you  normally be regulated with opening hours. It is hard to keep your food price competitive when you have so much overhead. Food trucks are more dynamic, there is no rent, no renovation cost. You’ll obviously need a food truck to start with but you’d need to have a car to go places anyway.

Owning a food truck business is a great way to break into the food industry. You don’t need to worry about how the food truck would look, we prepare it all. We also supply a food menu which we have been testing for years in the food truck/ catering industry, so you’d always be on top of the game.

There are many places you can go with your food truck: corporate buildings, construction sites, parks, famous sightseeing places or catering for parties and events. You have the tools to do it all! ChubbyBao has a strong eastern food background, and our menu rocks!

The popularity of customized food trucks in Australia is not about to fade anytime soon. Make your move now and be a part of this lucrative business opportunity. People would always have the appetite for quick and delicious meals and this is the market for it. How much money you could make is finally depending on how much effort you put into your own business! 

Sky’s the Limit! Only if you think it is!

Chubby Bao Food truck is built in a way that makes movement in the kitchen very easy. The food truck comes fully equipped with all the kitchen equipment that will allow you to cook your food with ease. If you can’t afford one, call us to enquire about the food truck hiring plans! We’ll sort something out for you!

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